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We will endure!

The United Aromatherapy Effort, (UAE) was a non-profit Charitable organization born out of the September 11th tragedy. We are no longer operating but leave this page in remembrance of all the work we did as a historical record. Thank you for your past support.

The mission of UAE is to provide stress relief and aromatherapy to relief workers, and troops during emergency work and afterwards. We collect and disseminate donated aromatherapy products to those affected by disaster or war  in conjunction with chair massage and other natural therapies. Historically we have responded to the World Trade Center Disaster, NY (2001), Florida Hurricanes (2004), the Gulf Coast affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005-6), and in 2007-8 the California wildfires and the Gulf Coast Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Recently in 2009 we shifted our focus to the Military, both abroad and at home and are now supplying Soldiers on the Ground (Afghanistan) with donated aromatherapy and wellness supplies.

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In honor of the the ten year anniversary our UAE 9/11 Volunteer Tribute Video is now available for viewing online for the first time and we had a wonderful article in the Lutz News


"Soldier on the Ground" Program needs a few good men and women in military that can recieve and share with other soldiers our boxes of aromatic delights. 

"We serve because you do....until you all come home"

RECENT NEWS: 01/08/09 - UAE Receives Flag from Afghanistan- the American Flag was flown in our honor December 21, 2009 over Camp Phoenix (Kabal) -pictures and more....


 Recent articles about our mission in the St. Pete Times and in the Lutz News (FL). In addition we have recieved some handwritten  Soldier Gratitude notes.  Join us on FACEBOOK to see photos from our Soldiers and read some of their words of extreme gratitude!

(Scroll down to read our continuing history including the end which is where we started. "THIS SITE WAS SET UP AFTER THE SEPTEMBER 11 TRAGEDY. THE NY RELIEF EFFORT IS OVER, BUT THIS SITE SHALL ALWAYS STAND IN TRIBUTE TO THE PEOPLE WHO CAME TOGETHER TO HELP". And little did we know what we started.....



CALL TO ACTION: UAE NOW SUPPLYING THE MILITARY:  presently we still need more small diffusors (room size, plug ins, fans, etc), inhaler blanks or filled inhalers, and lip balms for the winter weather.  See the Supplies page for immediate needs. Please keep us going. Thanks for your support; gratitude from our Troops are pouring in daily! See our Soldier Gratitude Discussion on Facebook and handwritten notes. 


 PRESS RELEASE The United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc.Expands Outreach to the US Armed Forces.

Tampa, Florida, December 1, 2009 

After providing donated aromatherapy and natural wellness supplies to First Responders since September 11, 2001, through the East and Gulf Coast hurricanes and the California Wildfires, the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc. goes global with the Military Program.  Through the global program the UAE now has four Soldiers on the Ground (SG) receiving and distributing the donated supplies.  At present the SG’s are in Afghanistan (3) and Korea (1) with an outreach that includes the International Security Assistance Force.  The SG’s have an agreement with the UAE to provide responsible distribution to other soldiers in their camp, gathering feedback and reporting back to the UAE. The new goal of the UAE is to support every soldier on the ground, at home (e.g. Veterans Administration facilities and Military Bases), and assist soldiers with aromatherapy, massage, and other complementary and alternative therapies.  To that end, the United Aromatherapy has put a call out to massage therapists, aromatherapists and other wellness practitioners to volunteer their time and expertise on behalf of the UAE.  The UAE has also put a call out for natural product donations and funding for shipping costs.  With Retroactive 501(c)(3) Public Charity Approval and Under Section 170 of the Code Public Charity status 170(b)(1)(a)(vi), all contributions to the UAE are tax deductible.  Under section 2055, 2105 or 2522 tax deductibles include bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.

With the news of 30,000 more troops being sent over to Afghanistan our assistance becomes more critical with each passing day.  The UAE recently received several letters from grateful soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Korea.These soldiers are thrilled with the improvement that the donated aromatherapy items have made for better sleep, improved breathing quality, decrease in colds and sinus problems and helping to create a more home like atmosphere.  The United Aromatherapy Effort hopes its donated gifts can continue to make life better for those who serve. For additional information, to find out how you can help contact Sylla Hanger  (Founder and President) or Geraldine Zelinsky (Vice President and Central Staging).



UPDATE: September 25, 2009 The first box was well received by our Soldier on the Ground (SG), Camp Phoenix , Kabal (Afghanistan) and his reaction with permission : "The minute I opened the package my life changed.  My mind felt relieved, I breath deeply.  I am healed at the first breath.  OMG it works." He cant wait for the day to end so he can "get back to his container for therapy", and would "like to invite the entire camp in for healing"- he is sharing blends and inhalers with the Outreach group below that arranges the Humanitarian Assistance first, will keep us posted, but for now he says he can BREATHE!!.   "I recently joined a group of volunteers made up of military and a few civilians as part of an organization called Operation Outreach.  (Here is the site: http://www.friendsofoperationoutreach.com/ ; they are aiming for 5000 blankets in 5 months 8/09 to 12/09!). On Wednesday we visited a community school outside of the city and offloaded a trailer-full of donated items to a needy village.  The drop was conducted in a secure school compound.  I took a picture with the two teachers; they are volunteers because there are no paid educators in the village -- two university students working for food and lodging in a not so glamorous location.  I asked them why they chose this village; they said that they grew up there and wanted to help the children of the village learn to have a better life.  The wanted to know what my income was.  I was too ashamed to tell them.  They understood.  If any of you have an organization who would like to donate blankets, clothes or school supplies, just send them to the address on the site.  Let me know if you do and I'll make sure to do a story on the donation with pictures at the location when the donations are given. During the drop I walked around and gave out candy that was sent to me from my cousin Nina in Florida.  As those happy smiling faces looked up at me with their hands outstretched, I had to hide my tears.  I can't help thinking about the long road these children have and the obstacles they face.  Most of them will live and die in the dirt of this humble mud-hut dirt village on the outskirts of Kabul.  I hope our children will appreciate the world they live in and the opportunities they have in life. Humbly yours, Jim."


 Please feel free to donate directly to this cause.
September 1, 2009  The UAE is now soliciting small sprays for the next box to go to our "Soldier on the Ground" (SG) in Kabul, Afganistan, Camp Phoenix to be exact. This just in, their “prison-cell-size container homes smell of dirty laundry and field artillery” one Soldier reports and cleaning with “Pine sol that is available, just doesn't get it”.  So  now we  are looking for individual sprays (2-4 oz) for their air-that they can use and see what works best:  suggestions are the following:

respiratory (conifers/pines) -- because the air quality there is very bad, (dusty, dry and smelly) and quite polluted as well.


relaxing and sleepy time blends because the stress level is quite extreme,


wake up sprays for alert time, night duty, morning call!


Our Soldier will use and disseminate the first box then let me know what is most useful then we will know what they like and need. There are 62,000 troops over there in AFG. Camp Phoenix (which has some luxuries such as AC/heat, hot water showers, good food, and nice digs-stacked containers they call Lego Land) is our first stop. If we can help just some of them with aromatherapy for their immediate environment,  it will make their year-long tour of duty a little more tolerable; our Soldier agrees and waits patiently for the first shipment which left US September 9, 2009.!! He got an ultrasonic diffusor to add  moisture to the 10-20% humidity, Purification sprays, peppermint lotion packs to share along with inhalers, and other products; and a water bottle with anti infectious blends to add to it as needed (they drink bottled water that has been in the sun ).


 Send anything anytime to your nearest staging area! Thank you for the support. If you wish to ship large boxes direct contact Sylla, otherwise send to Florida or Louisiana, whichever is the closest location to you and we will ship to AFG from these two locations:


UAE/16018 Saddlestring Dr, Tampa, FL 33618 or


UAE/c/o Zelinsky, 6051 Roma Dr. #103 Shreveport, LA 71105




"UAE ANGEL AWARD"We are so grateful to Samantha Masae Toka MIFPA (Duohera Ltd, UAE Support Japan) for the generous (largest ever) donation. THANK YOU!




August 1, 2009 Breaking NEWS: CALL TO ACTION UAE to shift focus to the Military both in combat and those who came home (as the USO says "until they all come home").


PRESS RELEASE; United Aromatherapy Effort to Expand Focus of Disaster Relief to Military…….Your Help Needed!Founder, Director of the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc. (www.unitedaromatherapy.org ), Sylla Sheppard – Hanger has announced a new and very personal campaign to refocus the energies of the UAE to include our military personnel who are currently at war, serving overseas and here in America. The UAE would like to see all military personnel receive emotional and physical support through aromatherapy, massage and other modalities.  In her typical spirited fashion Sheppard-Hanger is looking to go big and partner the UAE with the USO. The goal is to provide comforts of home away from home for our troops and to help those involved in our country’s worst tragedy, war! War is about the worst disaster imaginable and the complexity of the task is much larger than our beginnings with the World Trade Center Disaster or any of the Gulf hurricanes that the UAE has ever helped with. There are few people who are not directly touched by the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of us know someone who is affected by the war and many of us have loved ones, friends, and neighbors over there. Sheppard-Hanger’s beloved nephew, Maj. James Baucom left for Afghanistan recently and is now serving his duty in Camp Phoenix, outside of Kabal. Spirit has moved Sheppard-Hanger to support her nephew and all of those put in harms way. She knows that this will be a huge task but intends to be there as the USO says “until every one comes home.” The help and talents of many are making it possible for the UAE to file and submit their application for designation as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity (making us tax exempt and donations deductible). There are also high hopes within the UAE that this will make it possible to support our troops more directly in the future. This  proposal could involve teams or individuals that offer seated massage, aromatherapy and other services in Veterans Hospitals, Military Bases and Centers or Family Support Centers. The USO makes USO2GO kits and the UAE is looking at putting something together with a couple of blends for stress, fatigue, focus, etc.  Your ideas and input are critical in helping us establish what items might be most viable for such a kit. The UAE is supported by a community of caring people and we need your creativity, input, donations and heartfelt support to take on this mission. Once it is made it possible, Sheppard-Hanger is even ready to take a group into the direct areas of conflict where our soldiers are involved in combat and enduring incredible physical and emotional stress. If that does not work we can still support directly any soldier we have an address for with aromatherapy products to share. It is obvious that her determination, passion and courageous intentions need our support.   Links for more information on the USO are available at:  http://www.uso.org/whatwedo/usoprograms/operationenduringcare/  and  http://www.uso.org/whatwedo/usoprograms/uso2go/ scroll to bottom to see the contents of these 2GO packs. Perhaps we could have AT2GO, or add AT kits to the existing kits? What do you think? You may send support, ideas, help by lining up large companies that can donate on a regular basis, or anyone who can pledge, volunteer or make a commitment to Sylla Sheppard-Hanger at sylla@tampabay.rr.com, Geraldine unitedaromatherapy@gmail.com or Sara sara@botanicalhealingarts.com


Just so you know…..Sylla is serious and ready for combat…….she is wearing camouflage in some fashion daily until her nephew comes home and shouting HOOAH!!!!!!


AUSTRALIAN BUSH FIRES March 21, 2009 NEWS: CALL TO ACTION We are mobilizing UAE to help out with the teams already working for the Bush Fire Relief Effort. The Australian Practitioners Emergency Response Network (APERN) exists to help frontline emergency workers fulfill their duties in an emergency/critical incident and to support volunteers and victims in a caring and compassionate way. It emerged from the events of Black Saturday, the 8th February, 2009 when bush fires killed more 200 people and ravaged a large swathe of Victoria state. APERN is still in its formation stages and they are all volunteers. Check the blog: http://therapistsunite.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html.  In addition Hands on Health Australia or HOHA http://www.handsonhealth.com.au/ aims to assist communities to improve the delivery of health and other services to marginalized people, utilizing the resource of community volunteers. They are looking at setting up and serving seven community clinics. At present some clinics are running and others are still in progress. Some communities around Whittlesea are only just returning to their homes to begin the rebuilding stage. There are still 7000 people without homes and living in tents. Supplies (respiratory/purification blends, relaxation blends, single oils, empty spray bottles, and clinic supplies like sanitizer, towels/base oils, etc) can be sent to Tuesday Browell (tuesdaybrowell@bigpond.com) 424 High Street, Echuca, Victoria Australia. 3564 mobile  ph is.0428342957. In addition Ron Guba/Essential Therapeutics in Melbourne is collection donations for oil supplies if you want to purchase supplies toward the Relief effort: visit http://www.essentialtherapeutics.com.au he will see your purchase is mixed into respiratory blends, or other useful products and delivered via the above organizations. Ultrasonic diffusors would be great for the seven clinics if someone wants to contribute those they are available in Sydney , contact  Sheriar Irani in at www.subtleenergies.com.au In case you need to catch up on the tragedy, check these News links:  BBC story on victims returning home http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7958463.stm. Wildfires also laid waste to the region's wildlife. Millions of animals, including kangaroos, lyre birds, echidnas and koalas, also perished and thousands were injured like Sam the koala: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29769243/


We are so grateful to so many of you who came through in times of need for the 2008 California Wildfires to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.  The Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness (HS/EP) acknowledged the UAE efforts by asking that Geraldine participate in the daily VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster) during the crisis.  These meetings are managed by HS/EP to effect a daily analysis of needs and challenges of each of the VO's.  Although she was representing UAE, she felt the need to go beyond Aromatherapy and was able to mobilize over $100,000 (including an estimated $17,000 in aromatherapy products) in serviceable goods for VOAD.  With the help of a couple of volunteers, they were able to 'make user friendly' items that arrived in separate components.  The vast majority of aromatherapy products went to Robin Cunningham Myer in Baton Rouge who was working on First Responders. 


The United Aromatherapy Effort continues to grow and as we know, a synergy creates a greater effect than a single component.  To that end, the United Aromatherapy Effort is looking for a few dedicated volunteers to create a synergy.  If you have a specific talent/credentialing and can spare a small fraction of time to help UAE we are interested in hearing from you.  Tell us about yourself, your experience, accomplishments and credentials.  Tell us why you would be an asset to UAE, how much time you are willing to commit to UAE and where you are located.  Please email to:  unitedaromatherapy@gmail.com
 With many kind thanks,
 The United Aromatherapy Effort
Geraldine Zelinsky, Assistant Director
Sylla Hanger, Founder and Executive Director
 UAE would also like to acknowledge the following for the major and/or continued contributions:
Kudos, Robin for your tireless efforts! 
Eileen Cristina, Kneading Wellness (Aromatherapy products and Thank you notes to contributors) Lititz PA
Anonymous:  over 110,000 units of hand sanitizer products
New Vision Aromatherapy
Curt Finckler, from Nelson Bach www.nelsonbach.com/usa.html
Marcia Elston from Samara Botane www.wingedseed.com
Laurie Martin, Vermont Country Store (2 skids of Adult clothing and undergarments) www.vermontcountrystore.com
Melissa Zenz, Kid Bean (2 cases of infant/child clothing, diaper covers and aromatherapy products) www.kidbean.com
Dean Gavney, Carow Packaging www.carowpackaging.com
Tim Yancey, Alpha Packaging Corp www.alphap.com
Bev Day, Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA)
Kelly Holland-Azzaro, National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) www.naha.org
Peggy O'Mara, Publisher Mothering Magazine www.mothering.com
Loren and Veronica, Aromatherapy Thymes www.aromatherapythymes.com
 Debra & Mary Beth, Summit Leasing Office (for allowing UAE to use the Clubhouse for Staging)
....and a shout out of gratitude to other contributors:
Nina Dolese
Blessed Herbs
Sara Holmes
MJ Health
www.mjhealth.co.nz  - all the way from New Zealand!
Andrea Butje 
Pennie Mills www.ladiesblend.com
Christine White-Stanton www.scandlecandle.com
Candace & John Newman www.goodmedicinetin.com
Cheryl Hoard www.cherylsherbs.com

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES October, 2007 NEWS: CALL TO ACTION We are sending supplies to our staging area in Huntington Beach, CA. Deb Halvorson, Aromatherapist, (NAHA Director) UAE ANGEL has stepped up and volunteered to collect and house, disseminate to teams. Please send donations to her: Deb Halvorson, 5602 Mangrum Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. Check Supplies Tab above to see whats needed and email Deborah (Phone:714-955-9264) for immediate details of what has been received and what is needed. Pass the word. THANK YOU DEBORAH FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

HURRICANES KATRINA & RITA  June, 2007 NEWS: CALL TO ACTIONWe are sending supplies to Waveland/Bay St. Louis, MS area. One box has been sent already and was so appreciated, that Geraldine is heading down with gallons of bug spray, Bach supplies, (any thing else we can gather) and her chair June 29; anyone wishing to join her to work can do so too. We need empty spray bottles for the bug spray, inhalers of all types (uplifting, allergies, sinus)and any other sprays/roll-ons, ready to hand out.
Please send any donations to Camp Runamuk (UAE/Geraldine Zelinsky): UPS/DHL/FEDEX ONLY: 318 Mockingbird Ln; Shreveport LA 71105 and USPS ONLY: PO Box 44514; Shreveport LA 71134 THANK YOU for responding to this call:
Erin Houston, ND, for the generous donation
Cara Caindec
EO Products
Curt Finckler Nelson Bach
Linda Weibrecht, and Holy Infant (PA)
Candace and John Newman, The Good
Medicine Tin Company, LLC

October, 2006: LARGEST DONATION EVER of aromatherapy product- 3000 bottles of diffusor blends by New Vision arrived around September 11, 2006. What a way to start our 5th year off! Thank you Sheena and New Vision for giving us stock for the future.


July, 2006 FSMTA Conference: we raised some funds for UAE but best of all Staci Zaffuto of Earth Gear donated a wonderful new massage chair. Bless you Staci and EarthGear!.


June, 2006: UAE katrina interview article by Sara Holmes is now posted to the NAHA website under this new area titled 'Friends of Aromatherapy. Interview with Founder of United Aromatherapy, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and Jim Weldy, Katrina Distaster Mortuary Relief


April, 2006: we just finished a sucessful fund-raiser at the ACT Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. Check out the Updates page for details and photos! We were able to raise close to $1000 to keep UAE going!

We would like to thank the following for their recent donations to the ongoing effort:


Our next appearance will be in Orlando at the FSMTA conference June 29-Jul 2!

Meanwhile one of our friends we met in Biloxi sent this link to a story: Rising from Ruin an ongoing MSNBC.com story chronicaling two Mississippi towns, Bay St. Louis and Waveland as they rebuild from Katrina.


December 18, 2005 Louisiana: the teams have just finished working two weeks on Fire/Relief personel in Baton Rouge; then on to New Orleans to work on the Police Department!! In total so far this year: teams provided about 2500 massage all together. An amazing 60 therapists volunteered their time and worked between both Mississippi and Louisiana. All teams handed out your wonderful donations to loving hands. We are standing down until after the first of the year to rest up and prepare more supplies which will go into New Orleans after the first of the year. Please visit the Supplies page for latest needs to replenish our shelves for the 2006 continuing Relief Effort.
Here is a great article describing the Biloxi Coast from the Biloxi Sun Herald (for a limited time:)
Check out the video footage shot on Hwy 90 from WLOX News of Biloxi and Gulfport "before and after" Katrina


December 12, 2005: a sadly descriptive journal of the destruction in todays St. Petersburg Times called Immersed in Katrina's miseries Immersed in Katrina's miseries by Marty Normile. It is true, every word, we have seen it; be humbled, read it.


December 6, 2005 Louisiana: ERMI team has begun working in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the Fire Department, Central Station. Check the Gallery to see our photos of the first UAE deployment with ERMI in Biloxi and Gulfport and some of the FEMA/MEMA workers.


November 27, 2005-Mississippi: we have finished 8 weeks of work and giving out supplies in Gulfport/Biloxi region where we were welcome with open arms, the MS Dept of Health, CISM thanks CERMT/ERMI from the heart.


October 27, 2005: mores supplies are needed, especially inhalers- the air is BAD down there! Updates of our recent deployment to follow shortly along with pictures of the devastation of the Mississippi coast!check the NAHA site for a some photos of us working and Camp Runamuk, our staging area for supplies.


October 10, 2005: FEMA/MEMA requests ERMI to work the Mississippi Emergency Joint Field Operations Center in Biloxi for the next 2 weeks.


September 24: The newly formed international team ERMI -Emergency Response Massage International began working in Mississippi. The United Aromatherapy Effort is supplying aromatherapy donations to all areas affected. If you are licensed massage therapist and want to help please contact ERMI to volunteer, (and be patient, the relief effort will last a long time, please give DougE time to get email/calls, he is one busy guy :-)


As of August 30, 2005 we are taking donations to go to those affected by Katrina. On Friday, September 2, the first box of sprays were sent to Shreveport, our staging area for upcoming deployments. Meanwhile, just like last year, please send your donations as described below and under Supplies tab. ANY pre-made, ready to hand out personal purification spritzers - any sizes or bulk - any safe blends are desparately needed ASAP. Make them strong, up to 50% oil to alcohol/water ratio, so they go a long way in refreshing the air. Check under Updates for daily news and under Supplies for changing needs news. 


BIG THANK YOUS to the following FIRST RESPONDERS for their speedy donations:


"UAE ANGEL AWARD" goes to Nina Dolese @ Universal Therapeutic Aromas for the LARGEST FINANCIAL DONATION EVER RECEIVED, on top of her speedy aromatic donations to Shreveport. THANK YOU Nina, now we can buy the supplies we need.
Scott and Carol Moeller, of Dynabyte Multimedia, Shreveport, LA for the AWESOME media presentation!
Curt Finckler @ Nelson Bach
FIRST RESPONDER AWARD for already sending a second shipment. BLESS YOU CURT!!

Marge Clark Nature's Gift "CONTINUOUS RESPONDER AWARD" because they not only sent box after box to NY, but also responded with donations for 2004 hurricanes, and now for Katrina. HUGE thank you Natures Gift.
Eileen Cristina @ Kneading Wellness eileenkw@ptd.net THANK YOU for MULTIPLE shipments of inhalers, thank you Eileen!!
Billy Daniels Blues Foundation, Tampa Florida
John Steele, Sherman Oaks, CA
Shellie Enteen & Friends @ Astralessence
Michael Alexander, Essential Products of America, Clearwater, FL
Lisa Otero @
Blue Cliff College
Karen Flam @ Spa F.L.A.M.
Christoph Streicher @ Amrita
Roz Zollinger @Healing Center Atlanta
Sara Holmes/Parkland College Aromatherapy Class, Champaign, IL
Broddus Floyd, Tampa Florida
Christine Fairchild, Aurora, CO
Debrah Zepf, Parker, CO
Sylvia James @
Candace & John Newman @ GoodMedicineTin.com
Linda and Byron Chalem (IL)
Marcia Elston
Samara Botane
Laraine Kyle, Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy
Patti & Greg Carey, Shreveport, LA
Kathy Koeppen @
Lora Cantele, RA; Enhancements Aromatherapy & Penny Price Aromatherapy-USA
Vera Matovina from Plant Power & and Ella Nunas from Ella's Botanicals, Toronto ON
Polly Fox @ Energetic Essences & Elixirs
Petessences.com for the GENEROUS donation to the LA Humane Society, Tylertown, MS.  and to everyone else sending prayers and well wishes, THANK YOU.

Summer 2004 Last ACTIVATION UPDATE: Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne DEVASTATE FLORIDA all within 5 weeks. United Aromatherapy Effort is activated.






We were all shaken by the tragic events of September 11, 2001. We stared in horror together as scenes of the disaster unfolded before our eyes, we cried with the unimaginable grief at the loss of life, we stood in awe and respect at the heroic efforts of our fellow humans during the rescue efforts, and we came together as a nation to give generously of our time, money, blood and prayers to the relief effort. The United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc. (UAE) was born out of this tragedy. The mission of UAE is to provide aromatherapy to relief workers during emergency work and afterwards. It is for this reason that the United Aromatherapy Effort teamed up with the Carolina Emergency Response Massage Team (CERMT) to provide assistance to those dedicated and heroic individuals. CERMT's mission is to provide stress relief to those in need following a disaster or other critical incident. Visit the NEW SITE: www.cermt.org. By collecting donations and disseminating aromatherapy products in working with CERMT, we were able to make a small difference in the healing of NY. Four times since September 11th, UAE/CERMT were able to go to NY and helped with giving out aromatherapy and performing almost 3000 chair massages to workers from FDNY, PAPD, NYPD, and other relief workers. We were blessed with enough donated products to be able to give away a wonderful assortment of aromatherapy products for respiratory problems, dry skin and stress relief. After our second two-week deployment at Christmas, the UAE initiated the "Adopt a Station" program to provide firehouses and firefighters with aromatherapy products and tools to facilitate their healing and well-being. By June, 2002 the UAE had successfully obtained Sponsors and set up 18 FDNY firehouses (in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx) with aromatherapy products for respiratory conditions and stress relief and equipment (diffusor, vaporizer, plug in) for their use. You can view photos of these firehouses under Adopt-A Station. Now, as most Americans go back to living their lives as normal as possible, it is important for us to remember that the work is not yet complete. There are still those who are reminded of and must cope with the consequences of these tragedies every single day. There are still close to 200 firehouses that were affected in the five Burroughs of NYC, and many rescue workers already suffer with problems from the early poor air quality, so there is still work to do and Sponsors are greatly needed. (Makes a perfect project for a group, scout group, schools, families, etc.) Caring for the rescue workers is something many people can and do help with. All licensed massage therapists with insurance and massage/aromatherapists are welcome to volunteer after they complete a training course. Training is provided by CERMT,Therapists take shifts providing 15-30 minute chair massages on the workers. In addition, these teams were created after our deployments: RESTA, NYERMT, REST-UK so Emergency Response Teams are now in Alaska, New York and England. Please see their info in the side bar and contact them if you’d like to participate. Suppliers of massage and/or aromatherapy products are urged to donate what ever is possible for your organization. If you are neither a therapist or supplier you can still help by offering your financial support or better, Adopt-A-Station!! Funds are still needed urgently to help pay for travel, lodging, and supply expenses we incurred for these four missions. Please see our Donations page for more details on how to make contributions and our Supplies Needed page for a list of our most urgently needed supplies. Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, volunteered to co-ordinate the efforts toward aromatherapy being available during the mission and worked closely with Doug in assembling the necessary materials to ensure we were well represented in New York City. Sylla currently manages the collecting of products, coordinates the utilization of aromatherapy by volunteer therapists and works alongside the other therapists. In addition she directs the Adopt-A-Station Program. You may email her at Sylla@tampabay.rr.com.


Please feel free to visit our Updates pages for more information about past and upcoming deployments to New York City. Our Gallery pages will contain photos and other multimediaexhibits from our trips.

















































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